What Are Prescription Eyeglasses Made Of?

Prescription eyeglasses are manufactured in a variety of materials. The most basic is the glass lens. The glass lens is by far the best in absorbing ultraviolet light. It comes in several different colors and is, of course, scratch resistant. It is also one of the least expensive. The downfall to the glass lens is the weight of a pair of prescription eyeglasses made of glass. They are also very breakable and have to undergo a heat-treated process to ensure durability.

Another material used to manufacture prescription eyeglasses is the High-Index plastic lens. It also absorbs ultra violet light well. This type of lens is much lighter in weight than the glass lens; however, they are also very expensive and can be scratched very easily.

Resin Plastic is another type of material used in manufacturing the prescription eyeglass lens. They are the lightest of all lenses, but do not offer the high level of protection against ultra violet light that the other lenses offer.

Some prescription eyeglasses are tinted with a wide variety of colors and shades. The purpose of the tint is to reduce the glare from certain situations: such as bright lights, computers television sets, etc. Another reason for the tinting of the lenses are to offer comfort to the eyes. Also, people order tints on their eyeglasses for the fashion.

Glass and most plastic lenses are coated with a UV protection coating. Ultra violet rays can cause severe damage to the eyes. It is very important to protect your eyes while out in the sun.

Another coating that is added to a pair of prescription eyeglasses is the scratch-resistant coating. Sometimes this coating is applied at the manufacturer and other times it can be added right there at the eye doctors office. It must be said, however, that even while this coating can aid in the durability of the lens, it does not make the lens scratch proof.