Purchasing Suggestions For Childrens Eyeglasses

When you are buying childrens eyeglasses there are some things you have to know. Children are prone to be rambunctious, and when you factor in a new pair of glasses, they have an inclination to break them, and misplace them, just because for the most part they aren’t accustomed to having and wearing glasses, like adults. Adults who have had to use glasses a long time know what to do with them, so as to help their glasses last as long as possible.

The first thing you ought to do when you discover they need childrens glasses is really sit down with them and talk to your child about wearing eyeglasses in general. For younger kids, you might want to explain to them they are not toys, they can’t let their friends put them on, and they need to make certain they don’t misplace them. For older kids, you need to go over the fundamentals of eyeglass care, tips on how to use the special cloth and chemicals, and that they now need to wear the eyeglasses all the time.

When purchasing childrens glasses, there are some things you need to be on the watch for. When possible, you need to buy their eyeglasses with scratch coating. While many standard lenses have some sort of coating already, it is just a good idea to purchase additional coating just in case. Not only are they more resistant to lens scratching, you will most likely receive a better warranty. You do need to remember that when it comes to children, no lens will be totally scratch proof.

Some other things that should be incorporated with childrens glasses are spring hinges, as well as silicone nose pads. Spring hinges tend to be more bendable, and can spread outward much better. That is good for when your child grows as well as when they take them off and put them on. Silicone for the nose pads is much softer and more comfortable for your child, especially when they’ve got to wear them all day long. They are also non slipping, so that they have a better chance of remaining in the correct position than plastic pads.

While most physicians don’t suggest tinting for children’s eyeglasses, there is an alternative, called photo-chromatic lenses. Unlike tinting that stays dark all the time, these lenses change with variation in light. You see commercials for these kinds of lenses all the time. They darken when you move out in the bright sun, and lighten inside. These may be a little costly, so if you can’t afford them, then you can find clip on lenses that attach directly to the frame. You want to buy clip on lenses with the clips on the sides, so they attach on the edge of the glasses frame. A reasonable set will run you about $10.

One of the primary things you must have when it comes to childrens glasses will be a warranty. As mentioned previously, extra scratch resistance usually comes with some form of warranty by itself, but you also want one on the frames also. For instance, one company has a really good warranty plan – For an extra $25, anytime during a full year if something happens to your son or daughter’s eyeglasses, they will replace them for just $25. This is pretty good, taking into consideration the abuse your child could put their eyeglasses through.

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