Tips to Flatter Your Facial Shape With Eyeglasses

Ben Franklin wore eyeglasses. Elton John wears eyeglasses. Both men are celebrities in their own right – both men have had very recognizable eyeglasses. The difference being Ben Franklin had little selection to choose from when he needed glasses to see – his glasses became synonymous with his image. Elton John created an image and a personality to go with his eyeglasses. So, how do you find the PERFECT pair of eyeglasses? There are a few things rarely thought about in order to find that perfect pair.

Facial Shape
Most people barely consider their facial shape to be an issue when getting their hair cut and styled – but their hairdresser knows better. So, why should you consider your facial shape in order to buy a pair of eyeglasses? Like a hair cut gone wrong, glasses can also skew your appearance.

Oval faces are unique in that any frame will flatter their shape but only if the size of the frame is proportionate to the size of the face. Make a square face softer by wearing rounded or curved frames that sit up a bit higher in order to downplay the chin – thin metal is an optimum choice but thinner plastic will work well too! On the opposite side, round faces should choose frames that are more angular or have straight lines in a black or tortoise shell color to minimize fullness. Round-shaped faces should also avoid round frames at all costs.

Oblong faces – long and narrow – need frames that minimize the length of the face and cover the center of the face. Aim for triangular shaped or rounder shaped frames to shorten the face or wide rectangular frames to maximize width of the face. Oblong faces should also choose frames with embellishment towards the sides or frames in bold colors to broaden the face. If your temples are a bit on the wide side, your diamond or triangular shaped face should be adorned with smaller geometric or oval frames that sit lower on the face to minimize the distance between your temples.

Nose shape
If your nose is large, it’s OK – just be sure to pick slightly oversized frames to balance the face. Smaller frames will make the nose look bigger. Small noses require a high bridge to lengthen the nose and make it proportionate to the face. If you have a long nose, select frames with high arms to draw attention away from the length of the nose and toward the temples – rimless frames are perfect for executing this properly. To minimize a long nose, try glasses with a double bridge – like the aviator style.

Use these tips as suggestions but make sure you play around and have fun with different