What Are Bifocal Reading Glasses?

The daily routine of having the morning cup of coffee and reading the paper has changed. Lately the daily newspaper might look more like a hieroglyphic wall, instead of containing words you are used to seeing. Don’t worry, with all the changes taking place in the world, rest assured, the writing is still the same, but if you are seeing things differently, you probably are in need of glasses. It is always recommended to see an eye doctor first to ensure there are no problems arising, but in most cases, one just needs a pair of reading glasses to read with.

There are many styles and types of glasses that are available, and the strength of the glasses vary to fit ones needs. Strength would be how many times something is magnified, so a 1.25 means that it magnifies 1.25 times and so on. One of the options that readers can find is the bifocal reading glasses. Instead of having the full glass lens being magnified, it offers the magnification at the bottom of the lens, and the top of the lens is just clear glass. When you look through the glasses, you can see when you look down to read, everything is magnified, but when you look up across a room, there is no change. This is a great benefit. Most people, who have trouble reading, can see across a room fine, it is just small print that they have problems with, but if the full lens on the glasses is magnified, it can make a room blurry when one looks up from a magazine, making one feel woozy or off-balance. With having only the area of the glasses magnified that is used for reading, and clear on top, when the reader stands, they are seeing the room with normal vision, and won’t have the effects of blurry vision or getting that off-balance feeling.

Some bifocals have a line through the lens that the clear lens stops and the bifocals begin, other glasses offer no lines and it is sometimes a smoother transition between clear glass and the glass that is magnified. This would be a personal preference of which one someone would prefer the most. There are several different styles and colors available to choose from, and when you find the perfect pair, you can hold your own menu and read it at a distance within arms length.