What Are the Multifocal Eyeglasses?

As we all know, the so – called nearsightedness means that you can only see things clearly at a short distance. But the hyperopia is the opposite. For example, a person who has 300 degrees of myopia usually doesn’t need the eyeglasses to read; otherwise he will have a feeling of eyestrain. Some people are both hyperopic and nearsighted, especially the middle – aged and the old, who also need to wear the different eyeglasses in different situations.

Therefore the multifocal eyeglasses have been invented. Thanks to the high – tech, People are able to agglutinate different degrees of small lenses together to make the multifocal eyeglasses. They just put labels on the lens to show how many degrees it has to form the different focal points. People wearing eyeglasses are able to look at things clearly at a distance, as well as to read books, look at the computers and do other things at a short distance. It can fulfill people’s requests of seeing things clearly and feeling comfortable in any conditions.

The most common multifocal eyeglasses are the bifocal glasses which are divided into two different parts. The above one is used to look far; the other one is used for looking near.

Then the triple burners eyeglasses have also been invented. As the name suggesting, the lens consist of three regions, facilitating people to look at things from afar, nearer areas and closely. But people may have trouble in using this kind of eyeglasses. Due to its inconvenience, the triple burners eyeglasses are hardly seen in the market.

However, the progressive eyeglasses are becoming more and more popular.Rather than simply divide the lens into two or three regions, they are made according to the user’s vision situation by means of burning the lens changeably from the top to down along the lens. The user wearing the progressive eyeglasses may achieve better effects.

The multifocal eyeglasses can provide the entire vision and are easy for people to operate and adapt to. They also have the consistent outward appearance with the ordinary lens. No wonder they are popular among the people who are both hyperopic and nearsighted. Buying presbyopic glasses is out of date. And buying the multifocal eyeglasses is what we will do in the modern age.

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