Some Basic Information of Sportswear Eyeglasses

Sportswear eyeglasses refer to those safety goggles worn by people when participating in sports. They have functions of safety, protection, comfort and beauty. To achieve all those functions, requirements on both lenses and frames are necessary.

The lenses for sportswear eyeglasses could be the PC lenses, which are also called space lenses. They are breakage-proof and anti-cracking, and of 100% security. It is reported that PC lenses have been applied in the production of bullet-proof glasses, so they could protect the wears’ eyes when they embark on strenuous exercises. Into the bargain, PC lenses are the lightest and thinnest eyeglass lenses at present. They are 57% lighter than the glass lenses, and 37% lighter and 26% thinner than the resin lenses.

Besides PC lenses, magnesium alloy lenses are widely applied in the production of sportswear eyeglass lenses as well. Magnesium alloys are 2/5 lighter than titanium and 2/3 than aluminium. Their merits over PC lenses are that they are of brilliant hue, environment friendly and not easy to go faded. Therefore, magnesium alloy lenses would enable the wears elegant.

Polarized lenses are suitable for sportswear eyeglasses, for they could filter both sunlight and other rays and reflections. Usually, polarized sportswear eyeglasses are suitable to be worn when one goes to picnic, goes fishing and goes skiing. A clear and comfortable vision would be brought to the wearers.

Frames for sportswear eyeglasses are strictly required as well. They ought to be smooth and light enough and of good flexibility so as to make the wearers feel comfortable. The TR-90 frames are good choices. They are not only smooth, light and of good flexibility, but also of high temperature resistance. They can withstand high temperature up to 350 degrees one moment in time. TR-90 frames bear excellent memory function as well.

Sportswear eyeglasses are diverse. One should choose the right one according to the sports they are to participate in. For strenuous sports participators, goggles bearing high safety, protection and comfort abilities are recommended; for people often take part in outdoor activities, wind-proof eyeglasses are advised; for nearsighted persons participating in exercises, prescription goggles should be their best choices; and for those who like to climb snow mountain or to go fishing, polarized eyeglasses could protect their eyes to the greatest extent.

Different from other eyewears, sportswear eyeglasses demand more. For the sake of the health and safety of your eyes, please choose the right ones carefully.