Categories of Optical Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses contribute a lot to the civilization of human society, and if you are an eyeglass wearer, you would be conscious of the important role they play in your life, however, how many do you know about them? What kind of glasses would suit you best? Categories of optical eyeglasses are listed below in hopes of offering help for eyeglass wearers to know more about glasses, so that they could select the right ones for themselves.

Single lens glasses. Optical eyeglass does not come to its present shape with two lenses embedded in a frame. It was originally composed of just one lens, similar to our present magnifier. It is recorded that the prototype of glasses was originated from China, where people accidentally found that through rosin crystal ball, they would observed the insects in it bigger than their originally sizes. Now such single lens glasses can also be found in optical store. They are mainly designed for the elders suffering from presbyopia.

Photo-grey glasses. Many drivers would wear shades to block strong light when they are driving, however, when their cars are driven into the dark tunnel, the shades run counter to desire. It is a great inconvenience to change eyeglasses so as to adapt to different circumstances. Is there any good ideas to resolve such a dilemma? Yes, there is. Photo-grey glasses, which appear to be a pair of ordinary glasses but whose lenses are able to turn to black when encountering strong light, are designed to help them.

Contact lenses. Contact lenses, whose name is self-explanatory, directly contact with the eyeballs. Compared with ordinary optical eyeglasses, contact lenses achieve to provide the wearers a clear vision, and at the same time, enable them free from the restriction of optical eyeglasses. Due to this specific function, contact lenses have become a fashion today. However, the point is that not everyone is an contact lens person. If allergies wear contact lenses, conjunctivitis and eye flare etc. may be resulted in; if glaucoma or chronic dacrocystitis patients wear contact lenses, it would lead to the worsening of their sickness.

Crystal eyeglasses. Lenses made from crystals, crystal eyeglasses are highly cost, however, they could bring the wearers a cool sensation. Then people would conclude that wearing crystal eyeglasses are rather good for eyes. However, the fact is that the reason why they could bring a cool sensation is that the crystal lenses have an ability to absorb UV and infrared ray, as a result of which, sunshine shone down up them get less. As a matter of fact, they have nothing to do with eye health.

Goggles. Goggles are special eyewears designed for sport participators, such as the skiers and extreme athletes, etc.. They are featured with cracking strip and anti-fogging, so that the wearers could be better protected.

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