Buying Eyeglass Online

Just like any other commodities that have been traded through internet, eyeglass is on its way of e-commerce highway though online eyeglass shopping is a lot lagged behind other goods.

Actually eyeglass is a special commodity which is half-commodity and half-medical due to its corrective function as eyeglass. This is the reason why the online business of eyeglass is more behind others. Even so, people gradually accept to buy eyeglass online because of the great convenience by clicking at home and the greatly discounted price which is only a fraction of the prices in optical stores. Online buyers pay a fraction of prices for the eyeglass without sacrificing the quality and comfort of eyeglass. This is the greatest advantage of online shopping of eyeglass.

In order for you to buy a pair of online eyeglass, you need to get your eye prescription pad from your ophthalmologist or optometrist. In most of the states in United States, it is mandated by law that the eye doctor or optometrist must offer a copy of your prescription to you upon request. The most tricky part of online eyeglass shopping is that you must get the number of your pupillary distance (PD). PD is very crucial number for making a pair of satisfied eyeglass, as the optical centers of the lenses must match your PD for best result of correction of your eyeglass. You’d better have this number measured by eye professionals instead of doing it in front of mirror by yourself or with the help of friends.