What Is the Right Way to Use Bifocals Safety Glasses?

Optical glasses are usually used by people to correct their vision and help them see things with clarity. This is done by changing the focus of the light entering the eye, according to the shape of the lens and the optical geometry laws. There are people who suffer from particular eye conditions that require them to have more than one focus which is why they are prescribed with bifocals glasses. In addition, in specific jobs, people are required to wear safety goggles and thus for them the usage of bifocals safety goggles is required.

Such glasses contain lens that are a combination of two different lenses. These lenses are placed one over the other and wearer usually has to shift between lenses for different tasks. In order to ensure maximum benefit from bifocals safety goggles, it is important to know how to wear them in such a manner that there is minimal discomfort.

For this it is important to understanding how the bifocals safety glasses work. Ophthalmologists prescribe bifocals safety glasses for various reasons. Most people are prescribed with bifocals safety glasses for correcting distance vision and for reading.

Closer objects such as computer monitor and books can be focused on with the help of the lower part of the bifocals safety glasses lens. Wearer is aided with distance vision by the upper part of the lens.

If you are prescribed with bifocals glasses and required to work in hazardous environments, it is important to learn how to switch from one part of the lens to another. It takes a bit of practice initially but with constant usage, you will learn how to effectively adjust between lenses on a continuous basis.

As soon as you start wearing bifocals safety glasses, spend time practicing activities such as driving and walking. Activities that require you to view long distance require very little adjustment.

As the near vision part of the lens in bifocals safety glasses take up your visual field’s lower part, you do not have the same vision field. Give enough time and wait with patience for your brain and eye to coordinate and get used to the change.

For activities such as cooking and reading where you have to look down, you must look through the lower part of the glasses lens. Ensure that you do not strain your eyes and neck muscles by developing a habit of tilting back your head. This will lead to headaches and neck pain.

While you work on the computer, adjust the monitor. Using bifocals safety glasses is much more comfortable if you lower the monitor by a few inches.

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