Taking Care of Your Reading Glasses

You would never want your eyes to be damaged by careless behavior, so, treat your reading glasses with the same care so that they do not get broken or scratched because they help you to see as well!

A hard plastic case is ideal for protecting your reading glasses. A hard case will hold up against things in your purse or pocket should you accidentally smoosh the case or sit on them. Cases for glasses come in many different styles that there is bound to be something to suit your style from classic to trendy. If you do not want the added bulk of hard plastic case, a soft case will work as well. It will not protect your glasses should they be smooshed but, it will keep them from being bent out of shape and from being scratched by foreign objects.

You should also take care to regularly inspect your glasses to make sure that the screws or not lose and that the lenses are not scratched. You can tighten the screws that connect the frames with an eye glasses repair kit easily. You can also buff out any scratches with a soft cloth that will not further damage the lenses. If you continue to keep good care of your reading glasses from day one, they will last you a very long time.

When you wear them take care to not push them up onto your head when you do not need them. This will scratch out the frames and then make them too big for your face when you really need them to read. You should also take care to not tuck them into a pocket or the front of your shirt. You also run the risk of damaging glasses should they fall or if they get smooshed should you forget that they are there.

Should you harm or break your reading glasses, do not worry! They are easy to replace but, if you have a great favorite pair and you want them to last be sure to follow the previous advice. However, a good eye doctor’s office can fix any pair of reading glasses so just bring it to your local shop and explain what you need done. In the future, take care of your glasses but, perhaps it would be wise to have a back up pair just in case!