Advantages of Glasses Vs Advantages of Lenses

Many people are now inclined to replace their typical eyeglasses with lenses. For the past decades, it is not a big deal to wear glasses. For some, it is an indication of a person’s status. Yet, as the years pushes through, lenses enters in the industry. Even if glasses go with the fashionable trend today, many prefer to wear contacts. What then, are the advantages of lenses over glasses?

Today, contacts are considered as one of the remarkable discovery of mankind. The benefits it offers go beyond protecting your eyes. It outraced the market of typical glass spectacles which almost cover the whole marketplace. There are various aspects in which lenses (linser) are more advantageous than glasses. Aside from vision correction and protection, contact lenses enhance one’s appearance and boost their personality. Here are some advantages of lenses against glasses.

Cosmetic value and convenience – just like glass spectacles, lenses are also optical devices. But more are using contacts due to its convenience as well as cosmetic value. During the initial use, many feel discomfort yet the benefit outweighs the minor discomforts.
Contact lenses are functional even in outdoors like sports, working in damp environment as well as at the work place.
Peripheral vision – lenses offers a much better and wider peripheral vision compared to glasses. They move together your eyes and you have much clearer and sharper vision. While glass frames blocks your outlying vision and have distorted, blurred vision once you are not looking at the focal point of your eyes.
Natural vision – since contacts are worn on your eye’s cornea, they provide natural vision. The objects you behold have the correct position and size. With glasses, due to its distance from the eyes, objects appear to be smaller or larger than they really are.
Stable vision – with quick bodily movements, contacts are not affected by this like in sports and other activities provides stable and clear vision. While glass is unstable like when running which affects your performance.
Weather tolerance – lenses can withstand various weather conditions.
Comfortable – lenses are more comfortable compared to glasses. With glasses, it slides down once you perspire while you need not to bother that with contact lenses.
These are also ideal for children to avoid the trauma of being teased in school by friends. These keep them away from the physical and psychological trauma associated in wearing glasses.
Thick glasses are heavy which then make your eyes appear small.
There are instances when glasses do not function well.
As far as visual acuity is concerned, glasses are not able to give appropriate correction. If you have removed you cataract, glasses do not give the exact protection to your eyes, which contact lenses will.

Due to its wide range of advantages, contact lenses are mostly preferred by many people. Ask for an optician’s advice if you want to switch from old glasses to contact lenses.