How Do Your Glasses Define You? Finding Affordable Prescription Glasses

The humble spectacle is one of the most practical items with the ability to transform quality of life. Providing sight to 25% of people, prescription glasses are a life altering accessory. For something so practical and essential, glasses have been subject to some of the best and worst of fashion faux pas.

Dame Edna’s glamorous glasses formed an iconic Australian character, identifiable by her diamante encrusted showgirl specs. The round rimless glasses will always be at home on grandfather, as will the golden glasses chain on our grandmothers oversized reading glasses. The 1960s will be remembered for introducing the thick, black rimmed Ray Bans; and the 20th century will be known for bringing it back. Prada will be renowned for bringing big back to women’s eyewear and Police, the new menswear trend, thanks David Beckham.

Prescription glasses, no matter who made them or what their place is in fashion history, will always be a life changing accessory for those who wear them. In contemporary society we are fortunate to have an amazing array of frames in which to choose a pair to suit our face, our style, our job and most importantly our personality.

Glasses are character defining accessory for the wearer. From the rimless lenses, invisible perched on the nose to the sparkling D&G on the thick black plastic rims. To the permanent wearer your glasses are virtually unnoticeable. They are an extension of you and your person, to the point where you are just not the same without them. Just ask your friends. To the casual prescription glass owner, they are as important as customising our daily outfit. They are who we are.

So how do your glasses define you? EzyChoice Prescription Glasses and Lenses are making it easier and more affordable to define yourself with your eyewear. Whether you are longsighted or short sighted or have astigmatism; if your need single, bifocal/progressive lens; EzyChoice have the quality prescription glasses for you.

Glasses have created identities and eras, cultures and fashion movements. Now EzyChoice is here move eyewear shopping into the online generation with an easy three step process. Have the convenience of shopping in your own home by choosing a frame and using your optometrist prescription lens information to get your precision engineered eyewear a whole lot easier.

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