Prescription Glasses for Vision Correction of All Kinds

Prescription glasses today are used for all types of vision correction. The lenses of your eyes along with the lenses that are used in the glasses would together allow you to have a proper vision. People who are farsighted or nearsighted would need to use these glasses. Those who are nearsighted would not be able to see things clearly that are far away. Those who are farsighted would not be able to see things up close clearly. With age, people become nearsighted as well as farsighted. You would need to get your eyes checked and must have an eye examination done by a professional optometrist before you can get the glasses.

Glasses for those with Severe Problems

Prescription glasses are especially necessary for those who have severe problems with their vision. They would need lenses that are made with material of high index since they are light weight and they also provide better vision. Those with bad eyesight often suffer from headaches since their glasses are often quite heavy. The light weight lenses are the best option for them. The aspheric lenses are also a good option for those with bad eyesight. These lenses are quite thin and flat, unlike the traditional lenses. This would not distort your face and thus it would really benefit your appearance. There are several times when people with extreme vision problems would have glasses that would either minify or magnify their eyes, which is avoided when you use aspheric lenses.

Proper Protection

Prescription glasses today also have several types of coatings on them which help protect your lenses. This is necessary since glasses are quite expensive. Most of the glasses today have coatings for scratch resistance. They would also have UV coatings as well as anti-reflective coats. The anti-reflective coats would help reduce the glare while the UV coatings would block the UV light so that it doesn’t damage your eyes. There are several other types of coatings too which can be used for better protection.

Tinted Glasses

Prescription glasses today also have tinted lenses, among with the photochromatic are the latest. These are the lenses that would change color when you are in light so that they can work as sunglasses. The multifocal glasses can be used by those who are nearsighted as well as farsighted. The bifocals, trifocals and progressive lenses are different types of multifocals. The bifocals have two lenses together, trifocals have three lenses while the progressive ones have a smooth integration of lenses.

Every year, there are several new studies done and new advancements which makes the glasses better. From scratch resistance and scotchguard protector to several other new types of lenses, prescription glasses provide the right vision for those with any type of vision problem.

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