Bifocal Glasses – Choosing the Right Kind for Your Eyes and Face

Now if reading glasses are stigmatized as “mature” glasses then definitely, bifocal glasses are considered by the youth as the glasses for the “old” people. What people do not really know, unless they actually wear a pair, is that if they are already suffering from presbyopia and are wearing reading glasses to correct the vision, then they also has a good chance of having to wear bifocals if they develop myopia, hyperopia or even astigmatism.

Sometimes though, it is the other way around. If from a young age an individual already needs corrective glasses or lenses, as he or she gets older, there would be a need to use bifocals if the elasticity of the eyes finds difficulty in focusing on nearby objects. It is more common for someone from a very young age to wear glasses or lenses for farsightedness, nearsightedness or astigmatism. And they may just have to wear these lenses or glasses for the rest of their lives. However, if they have a lifestyle that demands pouring over text on paper for considerable lengths of time, the focusing can get strained and eventually they would also need reading glasses.

Now, wearing contact lenses is great and comfortable, but if the presbyopia develops, they would have to wear the reading glasses on top of the contact lenses. Most people really find that ridiculous and some even tease themselves by stating that they not only have four eyes now they have gone on to six eyes. Bifocal glasses combine the distance or astigmatism correction with that of the presbyopia lenses. There are some glasses which either have a distinct horizontal line in the middle of the lenses, the top for distance, the lower for reading. There are also some lenses which have a half circle instead of the horizontal lens.

Then there are the lenses where no apparent lines or half circles can be seen, these are called the graduated lenses. More and more people like this type of lenses as there are no disturbing lines or domes to adjust to. Simply lowering the angle of the eyes and the reading is possible. With the segmentation, some people get dizzy and nauseous on the first few days or weeks until they get adjusted. Go to the doctor and get the right set of glasses that should help the visual impairment. The right frames can actually enhance the face rather than make it look creepy, geeky or old. In fact, there are frames that could make the face look more attractive than without.

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