What Should You Pay Attention to While Using 10 Dollar Eyeglasses?

It is no need for us to pay a lot of money, almost $200 on average, for a pair of eyeglasses, as we can choose to wear 10 dollar eyeglasses. With the same amount of money for a pair of ordinary eyeglasses, we can get almost 20 pairs of 10 dollar eyeglasses. It seems that 10 dollar eyeglasses can be discarded at any time if we find any problem on them. The simplest reason is we can only spent 10 dollars for a pair of such eyeglasses. However, a pound saved is a pound earned. We should still try to take care of our 10 dollar eyeglasses, though they are cheap. Suppose one pays no attention to the maintenance of his eyeglasses, he may damage them at any time and have to replace them in the meantime. I can not tell how many pairs such people have to buy within one year. Therefore, good habits in maintaining those eyeglasses are very important. Here are some respects that should be noticed whiling using 10 dollar eyeglasses.

A particular spectacles case is essential. Generally, we can get a case while buying 10 dollar eyeglasses. Some of us think such case is unessential and they seldom use them. In fact, such case can be used to protect our eyeglasses. Particularly, we should put eyeglasses in the case when not use them. It can help avoid any damage caused by some accidental external force, such as falling on the ground, etc.

Those 10 dollar eyeglasses must be kept away from heat. This is because some eyeglasses may get deformed under high temperature. For example, some particular eyeglasses can not stand too much heat, especially those plastic eyeglasses. Some of us may have our eyes damaged for our eyeglasses are melted by heat. Still, heat can also change the accuracy of vision correction and some of us may find our vision blurred with those eyeglasses.

Only the particular cotton cloth can be used to clean the lenses of 10 dollar eyeglasses. In daily lives, most of us have neglected this point and often use paper tissue to clean the lenses. This is a great mistake. For the fibers in the paper can easily scratch those lenses. Maybe the scratch is not very obvious, but it will become worsened as time goes on. Remember any other materials can not be used to clean those lenses, but the particular cotton cloth.

Never put the lenses directly onto the surface of any objects if you pick those 10 dollar eyeglasses off. Some of us often damage their eyeglasses unconsciously by placing them on desk. This is because doing so can also scratch the lenses and shorten the longevity of those eyeglasses. On the contrary, we should let those glasses stand on their arms and frames. This habit can help better protect those eyeglasses.

Put those 10 dollar eyeglasses into the case while doing sports. Some of us love to do exercises with eyeglasses. This is not a good habit. Doing so not only will damage our eyeglasses, but also may injure our eyes if those eyeglasses are broken into pieces.

While picking off those eyeglasses, it is suggested to use two hands at the same time. It is true that picking off them with one hand will make us very cool to look at. But this way will damage the frames which will loose their elasticity gradually.

In a word, those 10 dollar eyeglasses are cheap, but we should still know how to maintain them.

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