Who is the Best Online Eyeglass Retailer?

In the modern times, the amount of online eyeglass stores continues to enlarge. On one hand, online eyewear vendors are believed to offer additional benefits for customers, such as convenience and cheapness. It is true that more and more eyeglass users are switching to online stores for either prescription or non-prescription eyeglasses. But on the other hand, a problem lies in that it is hard to choose an online shop. Nowadays, many big online optical stores provide a huge variety of eyewear products. It is reasonable for some customers to wonder that which one is the best online eyeglass retailer. In fact, there is no clear answer to this question. It is impossible to make such a judgement. It is wise to say that there are leading online eyeglass retailers, rather than a best one.

Framesdirect.com claims that it is the world’s largest eyewear store by stocking 100,000 eyeglasses online. According to analysis by alexa.com, framesdirect.com ranks 7,461 in the United States. And its Alexa Traffic Rand is 23,936. Headquartered in Houston, framesdirect.com is privately held. Top keywords that drive traffic to the website from search engines include glasses, eyeglass frames, eyeglasses, designer eyeglasses, eye glasses and so on. These phrases or words in fact reflect the business range of framesdirect.com. Currently, products stocked by this retailer include eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. Eyeglasses and sunglasses provided by the online retailer cover several hundred of different brands. In addition, its contact lenses come in more than one hundred models produced by different lens brands.

Ranking 35,027 according to Alexa Traffic Rank, zennioptical.com is also a leading eyeglasses retailer on the Internet. At its home page, the retailer says that it is the global price and volume leader in very affordable yet high quality and stylish prescription eyeglasses. Most commonly searched key words include prescription glasses, cheap eyeglasses, and eye glasses and so on. Statistics from alexa.com show that approximately 54% of users of zennioptical.com come from the USA. Zennioptical.com provides prescription eyeglasses at considerably low prices. It offers $8 eyeglasses, $9.95 eyeglasses, $12.95 eyeglasses etc.

Eyebuydirect.com is another notable online eyeglass retailer. It is surprising that this online vendor claims itself as the #1 online eyeglasses shop. Alexa.com shows that eyebuydirect.com ranks 8,114 in Israel and 11,353 in China. And 42.7% of its users are from China, followed by 41.2% from the United States.

There are still many other reputable and thriving eyeglasses stores online. It is impossible to determine the best online eyeglass retailer.

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