Why Are Titanium Eyeglass Frames So Popular?

Ribbon and metal are two of the earliest materials employed to make eyeglass frames; later, plastic is also widely used. Up to now, these traditional materials are still widely in use. However, there is a problem- frames made from metal and plastic will deform easily and can not be used for very long time. Therefore, some new materials are needed. And the emergence of titanium and its alloy has led to a revolution in the industry- this directly leads to a new tide for titanium eyeglass frames. Then, how can these frames become so popular within such short period of time since their emergence? Here are the answers.

Titanium is one of the latest materials mainly employed to make top eyeglasses frames. The most prominent feature on these frames is bendable. That’s to say, titanium frames can be bended and twisted. Eyeglass frames made from traditional materials, like metal, plastic, are easily deformed if not careful enough. Especially, wearers should be very cautious while handling these frames by using two hands at the same time, or the frames will become loose or be out of shape. Or in other cases, wearers will have their eyes injured when the frames are impacted by strong forces. All these are very common and bothering matters in wearing common glass frames. On the contrary, with titanium frames, wearers are not needed to pay extra attention to how to handle or keep them; their eyes can also be well protected by these impact-proofed frames.

Titanium is one of the lightest materials employed to make glass frames. Compared to other materials, especially metal, titanium are much lighter in weight and can really bring wearers a lot of comfort. The advantage of being lightweight can be well explained by the following example. While playing games, wearers usually will not pick off their eyeglasses, in order to have a better performance. However, heavy frames will drop off easily and cause great inconvenience- wearers will pay great attention to them while playing. But eyeglasses with titanium frames are really very light and wearers can completely devote themselves into the games.

Titanium is such an erosion- proofed material that little maintenance is needed. Eye glass frames made from tradition materials must be carefully kept, so as to prolong their lives. For example, metal frames should be kept away from salt, acid, humidity, water, etc; plastic frames must be from heat, radiation, etc. This has really caused great troubles to wearers. However, titanium eyeglass frames are completely different- almost no maintenance is needed while using them. This is because titanium is one of the best materials for boat making- boats are usual shipped in the sea, where the water is greatly erosive.

Ultimately, but not lastly, titanium eyeglass frames can do more than people imagine and it is a good idea to have a try on these special frames.