Do-It-Yourself Eyeglass Repair

Eyeglasses, whether prescription or non-prescription ones, are very delicate objects. They are also fairly expensive. That is why eyeglasses-wearers need to be careful at all times. They know very well that once the lenses are scratched, there will be no other choice but to replace the whole eyeglasses. But when the frames are the ones that got broken, eyeglass replacement or professional eyeglass repair may not be necessary anymore. Sometimes, all that is needed are a few tools and super glue.

Anyway, eyeglasses frame repair is just like any other plastic repair. One has to use an effective adhesive to put the parts back together. So, to begin repairing the frame, a small screwdriver must be used to disassemble the broken parts. Then, the broken surfaces need to be cleaned. A person can use alcohol and a cotton bud to do this. But he must make sure that he only works on the broken surfaces because the alcohol might damage the surrounding plastic. Then, he must buy and cut a shrink tubing that will match his frame.

After that, he has to prepare the glue. However, he must make sure that he lets it become gooey before he uses it. Then, he can put the parts back together. He can use a piece of toothpick to apply the glue on the parts. Once everything is in place, the shrink tubing must be placed on the frame by applying heat onto it. And finally, the repaired frame must be left to dry for at least one day.