10 Reasons You Need New Sunglasses

If you’re thinking about buying new sunglasses, then perhaps you know exactly why you want a new pair, or maybe you’re not sure whether you should buy a new pair. Here’s why you should treat yourself to a new pair of sunglasses.

1. Perhaps you’ve lost your sunglasses, or lose or break them on a regular basis. You might have left them lying around and sat on them, or left them behind somewhere.

2. You might already have a pair of sunglasses, but the lenses are scratched meaning that you can’t see out of them properly, or you want another pair for the car

3. Your existing sunglasses might be quite old and have seen better days. Your sunglasses might no longer fit you well as the arm is loose, or the lens has a tendency to fall out. Maybe you’ve tried to repair them but with no joy.

4. Fashionable sunglasses can look out of date very quickly. Perhaps the big and bright sunglasses you bought on holiday a couple of years ago look a bit silly now when you’re driving.

5. It could be that you want something more modern, or more stylish than the sunglasses you currently wear. Maybe your tastes have changed, or you want your shades to look good with whatever you’re wearing, and whether you’re on holiday, or on the high street.

6. Advances in technology means that new sunglasses offer more protection from the harmful rays of the sun. If you want to be safe in the sun, then more protection will be better for you.

7. Modern sunglasses are lighter and more comfortable than previous ones, so if you don’t like wearing yours because they’re heavy or don’t fit well, it might be time for a new pair.

8. Designer sunglasses are increasingly affordable and desirable, so if you’ve seen a pair that you like, it might be enough to tempt you to buy them. You might have a favourite designer, or style and want to look good on the beach or at a barbeque.

9. Perhaps you want sports sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and to help you see no matter what the conditions. If you’re a cyclist, runner, golfer, skier or angler, you’ll have specific requirements from your sunglasses, and might even want interchangeable lenses so that you vary the level of protection depending on the environment you’re in.

10. You might just want sunglasses in a different colour. Perhaps you want a pair of designer sunglasses to match your new designer bikini for your honeymoon, or want a classic understated look that will look whether you’re driving in your car, or on the golf course. You might want a bright colour for the summer, and a muted design to leave in the car the whole year round.