Aviator Sunglasses Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Sunglasses enthusiasts all across the world, knowingly or unknowingly, would have definitely used aviator sunglasses. Aviator is one of the classic designs of the sunglasses history. The design was launched way back in 1930’s and since then it has evolved into one of the best selling sunglasses. Generations have passed but aviator sunglasses still hold their charm as many designers and brands all across the world are still producing high quality aviator sunglasses which are in great demand as well. These sunglasses were initially produced by one of the biggest manufacturers Ray Ban. Aviators were specially designed for people in the army because these were very good at providing a clear vision by reducing the glare of the sun.

Aviator sunglasses very famous and Ray Ban was the only company manufacturing it but with time various other brands also realized the huge market of aviators and started manufacturing them. This gave people many choices which further increased the popularity of aviator sunglasses. The sunglasses were very famous but the popularity dipped in the middle years. The fashion analysts thought that aviator sunglasses were on the last phase of its popularity. But movies like ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Cobra’ gave an all new life to the design. Big start like Tom Cruise was seen sporting them in the movie which made them an instant hit. The mirrored aviators in the movie were very famous because it performed as one of the best polarized sunglasses as well.

In the modern times various designers are producing high quality aviator shades in a stylish and different way. The latest collection of the DG couture includes some of the best quality aviators which are in great demand all across the world. Aviator sunglasses were initially designed for men but various brands are producing aviator sunglasses especially for women. If you don’t want to spend much on these designer aviators then you should look out for some of the most reputed online retailers offering high quality wholesale designer sunglasses at affordable prices. You should be very careful while choosing a wholesale sunglasses dealer because the market is full of frauds who sell low quality fake sunglasses.

You can also find the exact replicas of the original designer aviator glasses. The best quality wholesale replica sunglasses can be compared to the original eyewear in terms of style and quality. But if you want the real deal then you will have to spend a lot of money because brands like Ray Ban and DG are offering them at fairly high prices. All in all the aviator sunglasses are among the most demanded sunglasses design ever. Most of the celebrities all across the world have sported aviators once in their lifetime. The fashion analysts have named aviators as the modern day classic pair of sunglasses which are here to stay.

It has been stated that aviator sunglasses will be among the most famous sunglasses designs in the future as well. It will not be too wrong to state that aviator were, are and will be amongst the most decorated design of sunglasses ever produced.