Famous Sunglasses in History

Sunglasses were invented to keep the sun out of your eyes. Somewhere along the way, they became a way to look cool. Celebrities likely started this. There are many famous people who are known for wearing Sunglasses. The celebrities themselves have a magnetism and an allure that people can’t get enough of, but when those same celebrities wear sunglasses, they become just that much cooler. In fact, sunglasses have become such an icon in pop culture, that many celebrities are known for them. These are called Famous Sunglasses.

Rock Stars

There are many rock stars known for their Famous Sunglasses. There’s Bono with his trademark yellow sunglasses, or there’s Kid Rock with his mirrored Aviators. These rock stars wear sunglasses, not to keep the sun out, but because they just look cool. They create an image. Who knows, maybe they’re hiding behind them because they have stage fright. Or maybe their intoxicated and don’t want people to see their eyes. But whatever the reason, when rock stars like Billy Idol and Axl Rose (back in the day) wore sunglasses, it added to their on stage persona and people couldn’t wait to buy sunglasses to imitate them.

Movie Stars

Movie stars, too, are known for their Famous Sunglasses. Jack Nicholson, Johnny Depp, James Dean, and many more have worn sunglasses in their movies, and even on their off time, and it makes them look so much cooler. When you see your favorite movie star on the silver screen wearing those designer sunglasses, or even those average black ones that were famous back in the eighties, you, too, want to wear sunglasses.

Pop Culture

Sunglasses have just become a part of pop culture, and it’s due to celebrities like rock stars, movie stars, and even to political celebrities like Jackie Onassis, that have made them such a main stream symbol of cool. And this phenomenon is not likely to die anytime soon. People don’t just wear sunglasses to keep out the sun. People wear them to look like their favorite celebrities with their Famous Sunglasses on. After all, they don’t have to look like a celebrity, talk or act like a celebrity; they only need to wear that celebrity’s Famous Sunglasses and it makes them feel as though they’ve reached that same level of cool.

Sunglasses are mysterious, they hide the eyes, which are the windows to the soul, and they make the person seem aloof and uncaring; which is attractive in the eyes of many people. Celebrities have known this for a long time and that’s why you’ll always see your favorite movie stars, rock stars and other celebrities wearing Famous Sunglasses. They’ll wear them during the day, and they’ll also, just like the famous eighties song, wear their sunglasses at night, too.