A Brief Overview of Five Popular Brands of Eyeglasses

Here below is an introduction to five brand eyeglasses well received all over the world.

Bausch & Lomb brand eyeglasses

Bausch & Lomb is an international eye healthy company, which is committed to presenting the consumers a better figure and clearer vision. Established in 1983 in Rochester city of New York Sates, Bausch & Lomb has business in over 100 countries and own about 11,500 employees. Core businesses include contact lenses, moisture solution, eye medicine and so on. Bausch & Lomb contact lenses are featured with refreshment and good air permeability.

Hydron brand eyeglasses

Hydron is an American contact lens manufacture company. Since its emergence, products from Hydron go fairly big, resulting from the features of low price and excellent performance. In addition, in face of harsh competition in eyeglass manufacture, Hydron persist on the way of producing professional items and providing professional services. Then everything comes to him who waits. With consistent improvement, Hydron eyeglasses passed the ISO09000 series and the European Quality Improvement System.

Johnson & Johnson eyeglasses

The Johnson & Johnson was founded in 1886 in New Jersey of America. It is a medical and health care company of diverse products on a world scale. Its contact lens is one of most outstanding products. Compared with ordinary contacts, Johnson & Johnson contacts have an ability to deal with astigmatism, providing a chance for people to wear contact lenses in a bigger degree.

Best eyeglasses

Best Eyeglasses is a chain corporation, whose strategic thinking is “to survive with good quality and to develop with strict management”. Together with its fashionable, healthy and professional service concept, Best Eyeglasses receives rapid development since its emergence. For a long, Best Eyeglasses has a good relationship with many eyeglass suppliers, which guarantees the low price and good quality of eyewears in Best Eyeglasses.

China Center eyeglasses

China center is a young company which was established in 1993. It is a professional eyeglass manufacturing enterprise majoring in eyeglass production, processing and selling. Passing certificates of ISO9000 series and the European Quality Improvement System, China Center has cooperated with many eyeglass brand in other countries, such as POR POISE and PALM, etc.