Important Notice For Children Wearing Vision Eyeglasses

Eyes are important for everyone, especially important for children. Not taken good care of, eyes would suffer from kinds of diseases and good eyesight can not be guaranteed. To protect their eye health, important notice for children wearing vision eyeglasses should be in the public eye:

When participating in sports and other strenuous activities, they should take off their vision eyeglasses, and put them into the eyeglass cases, or eyeglasses would fall over. What’s more, do not put the eyeglasses with lenses directly contacting the desk or other objects, because lenses would be easily get scratched in that way. The eyeglass legs are also advised to be bent down, so that possibilities for them to get deformed would be eliminated. Children wearing deformed eyeglasses is no good for their eyesight.

If there is any damage on the lenses, do take them to the hospital for the sake of another pair of vision eyeglasses, because the damage would probably contribute to the distortion of vision. Double image is another possibility. All are bad for the growth of their eyes. If finding vision can not be well corrected by the present eyeglasses, you should also take them to the hospital. Vision eyeglasses of improper power would lead to rapid deviation of eyesight.

The sizes of the eyeglass frame are directly in relation to the improvement of children’s eyesight. Some parents would hold that big frame eyeglasses will enable their kids more beautiful or handsome, while the others hold small ones are safer, for they are not so easy to fall over. However, the fact is that the sizes of eyeglass frame should be determined by each specific condition, because the pupil of both eyes should be kept in line with the optical center, so that their vision can be corrected to the most extent. Vision eyeglasses of too big frame would lead to blur vision, dizziness and eye ache, while eyeglasses of too small frame would affect the normal development of facial forms. Therefore, the best suggestion is to have acute examination so that the pupil distance would be ascertained and proper eyeglass frame size would be decided.

Children usually do sloppy jobs, for their eye health, parents should remind them constantly to do the right thing. In some circumstances, parents have to participate in the protection of their eyes and eyesights.