Basic Knowledge of Eyeglass Repair

Both prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses are delicate devices. If the users wear a pair of glasses on a regular basis, accidents may happen and the glasses would go wrong more or less. As most eyeglass wearers know, the lenses are so crucial for comfort vision that they can hardly afford any defect. If the lenses are scratched or broken, replacing them is in most cases the only solution. But the situation is different in eyeglass frames. In most cases, an eyeglass frame is consisted of several parts. Actually, tiny problems associated with eyeglass frames can be easily fixed. Another critical reason for frame repair is that the frame usually accounts for the major part of the total cost. With only a small defect, it is unnecessary to buy a new frame, wasting unwise expense. Actually, eyeglass repair mostly refers to the repair of eyeglass frames. Of course, the simplest way to repair eyeglasses is going to visit an eye doctor or optician. But in some cases, that is time-consuming. Eyeglass repair by oneself is more convenient, but there is some basic knowledge in this sense.

The most important preparation is that proper tools for such repair are needed. In some instances, some spare parts are necessary. These tools and parts can be easily found on the Internet. The formal name of such tools is “eyeglass repair kit”, which contains one small, flat-headed screwdriver and a small, Phillips-headed screwdriver. These basic two tools are simply used to turn the tiny screws on a frame. In some cases, there are still other helpful tools, including a powerful pocket penlight and a pocket-sized magnifying glass as well as an extended tip magnet probe. Penlights can be used to light up the small screws and other small parts. Magnifying glass functions in a similar way. In addition, the magnet probe would help in picking up tiny screws and holding them during tightening.

Of course, repairing a frame by oneself can only resolve small problems, which are also reflected by the tools described above. Problems under control of a self repair include loose screws and springs. In fact, these problems are always caused by improper ways to hold the frame. The only right way is to hold eyeglass frames by the nose piece or frame bridge. Other methods such as holding by the lens frame or bows will probably lead to those loose parts. Eyeglass repair involving loose screws is the most common. They can be just tightened up using a screwdriver or simply replaced with new ones. Loosened spring can be fixed in a similar way.