Acuvue Contact Lenses – The Perfect Answer to Eye Problems?

Do you wear contact lenses? Do you need vision correction? Acuvue Contact Lenses are a popular brand of contact lenses produced by Johnson & Johnson, who are a leading manufacturer of beauty, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Their products are carefully manufactured and backed by years of research and development from specialists in the field. A joint venture with Vistakon, a professional eye care team, has allowed them to produce world class soft, disposable contact lenses.

Acuvue contacts are available in a wide variety that is suitable for everyone. The general vision correction contact lenses are meant for regular use. These contact lenses are sufficiently moisturized to keep the eyes moist and comfortable for long term use. The cosmetic lenses, Acuvue Color 2, are created for bringing in a temporary change in eye color. These lenses are used by common people and celebrities alike. Acuvue lenses are also designed for people with presbyopia, an eye disorder common in old age. Acuvue Bifocals are meant for people with presbyopia. There are contact lenses designed for use of patients with astigmatism as well. All the Acuvue contact lenses are designed to provide comfort and convenience to the user.

The advantages of the use of contact lenses from Acuvue are many. Firstly, they are very economical. The cost of a pair of disposable soft contact lenses would easily fit into your daily budget. Since these lenses are have high moisture content, there is minimum eye discomfort even after long hours of use. In fact the eyes stay fresh and moist even after the whole day use of Acuvue contacts.

In addition to this, contact lenses from Acuvue have the provision for protection from ultra violet rays of the sun. The brand initials AV is imprinted on every set of lens. This makes it easier for the wearer to distinctly identify the right and the wrong side of the lens. Acuvue contact lenses sit properly over the cornea of the eye and provide perfect vision to the user. This is definitely a big advantage over the use of glasses where, the lenses do not sit perfectly over the cornea, and thus may result in distorted or impaired vision. This possibility is entirely ruled out through the use of Acuvue contact lenses.

Overall, there are many types of Acuvue contact lenses and they utilize the latest eye care research and development technology to bring you a vision correction lens which is both stylish and economical.

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