What is RGP Contact Lenses?

RGP contact lenses as they are normally called is a short form of rigid gas permeable lenses or also known as oxygen permeable lenses. They are not as common as soft contact lenses but they have been around for more than 20 years or so.

How Are RGP Contact Lenses Different From Soft And Hard Lenses?

1) The old style of hard lenses are made of material called PMMA. This material makes hard lenses very uncomfortable to wear. Whereas RGP’s technology includes silicon and that makes them more flexible compared to PMMA.

2) RGP’s are also known as oxygen permeable since silicon is oxygen permeable and would let oxygen pass through the lenses. Therefore they are more comfortable and consequently healthier for the eyes.

3) Compared to soft lenses, RGP’s are more durable since they are made of stiff materials.

4) They are also smaller in size compared to soft lenses.

What Are The Benefits Of RGP Contact Lenses?

1) RGP’s are very durable. They are not easily breakable or tear off. That would make them easy to clean and handle. Therefore they would last longer compared to soft lenses.

2) They also provide better vision even when you blink since they are made out of stiffer material so their shape is retained and not easily changed.

3) They last longer so over the long term they would less and a good investment for the money.

4) They provide better deposit resistance for your eyes compare to soft lenses. Proteins and lipids from the tears do not stick easily to RGP’s as they do with soft lenses.

What Are The Disadvantages Of RGP Contact Lenses?

1) They are not as readily comfortable as soft lenses. Your eyes will need some time to adapt to the RGP’s before they can become comfortable.

2) You need to wear them on a very regular basis. Since if you take them off after a while then your eyes need some time again to get used to them.

3) Since they last longer and can be reused for one year or more they require some care.

Who Are The Candidates For RGP Lenses?

1) People with astigmatism, since soft contact lenses do not give the desired vision accuracy.

2) People who needs bifocals and multifocals lenses. Many people find that gas permeable bifocal works well with them.

3) People who have Keratoconus, that is the cornea is of cone shape and can distort vision badly.

4) People who are fussy about the quality of their eye sight, since RGP contact lenses could provide a crisper vision than soft contact lenses.