Anti-Glare Coating on Your Glasses

Anti-glare or anti-reflective (AR) coating is a kind of optical coating that is applied to the surface of lenses of glasses to minimize reflection. This optical coating is made of various layers of metal oxide films that are coated on the lens’ surface. Having an anti glare-coating on the lenses of an eyewear is a smart and sensible choice. Lenses that are usually used in the glasses normally transmit 90-92% of light to the eyes. While the remaining 8-10% percent of light is often blocked by the reflections on the lens. Anti-glare covering significantly minimizes lens reflection and facilitates approximately 99% of the light to enter into the eye for better vision. It can also reduce glare that is caused due to light striking the back of the lenses.

Anti-glare coating offers a number of eye benefits and that is why people are showing their interest in having anti-glare covering applied to their eye glasses and other eye wear. Let’s see how an anti-glare coating on glasses is beneficial for us.

Helps Improve Vision

Anti-glare coating on the lens can augment the amount of light available to the eye, which results in better and improved vision.

Enhances Durability of Eyewear

The most significant feature of the anti-glare coating is that, it improves the quality of a lens. This enhances the lifetime of an eyewear, providing it permanence and giving it resistance from dirt, heat, water and scratches.

Provides Good Cosmetic Appearance

Anti-glare coating has the ability to reduce both internal and external reflections on the lenses of the eye glasses which provides a nice cosmetic appearance. By reducing internal reflection it makes the appearance of lenses thicker whereas, minimizing the external and helping to mask your eyes from a clear view.

Reduces Glare for Drivers

While driving, headlights and streetlights can be a major cause of glare which can create disruption during driving and may reduce vision especially at night. This will make driving difficult at night time and doesn’t allow drivers to focus on the road. Having an anti-glare coating can not only improve vision at night but also reduce glare around lights.

Reduces Eyestrain for Computer Users

Computer users who use eye wears can also be benefited by an anti-glare covering. Eye glasses which are coated with anti-glare film can help reduce eyestrain and also eliminate glare from the computer screen.

Minimizes Eye Fatigue

Usually those people who work in offices frequently complain of eye fatigue because of glare created due to unnatural lights that are often present in offices. Having an anti-glare coating on an eyewear can help provide relief from eye fatigue.

Anti-glare coating on lens is beneficial for everyone who uses eyewear. While it provides an improved vision, better appearance, improves transparency and can effectively reduce the reflection in the glasses. Some researchers also prove that eyewear coated with an anti-glare coating can significantly improve night vision. Because of its myriad advantages people especially opt for eyewear coated with an anti-glare covering.