Keep an Eye on the Superb Cheap Glasses

These years, superb cheap glasses pervade the eyeglass market. Everywhere you could hear or see retailers crying out that they provide $30, $20 and even $8 eyeglasses. It is really a fearful attraction for many eyeglass wearers, for eyeglasses always ask for high prices. What we are going to remind them there is that when you are overjoyed about the fact you have spent so little money buying eyeglasses, have you ever thought whether they are well qualified and what will they do to your eyes?

The truth is that most superb glasses are of poor quality, which, for children, would affect the position of their astigmatism axis, the normal development of nose bridge as well as that of their eyesight; which, for adults, would disfigure their appearance and more importantly bring them eye strain.

On the part of lens materials, poor qualified lenses may cause the deformation of objects in vision, due to the impurity of the base materials; for the mass dispersion effect, eyes are more inclined to get strained, resulting in blurred vision and much eyes water. What’s more, bad lenses are of low light transmittance, uneven light distribution and are not able to block off UV, not to mention extra abilities of anti-fog and antifouling, etc..

On the part of frame materials, poor qualified frames are badly crafted. There are even some other mixed materials, which might radiate harmful radioactive elements. Into the bargain, badly made frames are heavy and of low flexibility. Those constitute really terrible factors for children. On one hand, they put much pressure to their noses; on the other hand, they are easy to get broken, which may be a potential hazard for them.

Therefore, when encountering superb glasses once again, check them carefully so as to make sure they would do no harm to both our eyes and health. One of the easiest ways is to check labels on the glasses. Whether there are register trademarks or production authorization marks is an important and the most obvious symbol to know they are well qualified or not.

However, not all the superb glasses are of poor quality. We could not deny that there exist really cheap glasses with fine quality. Eyeglasses sold in some on-line optical stores can be best examples, for unnecessary expenses have been eliminated.