Are You in Want of a Pair of Durable Glasses?

Ordinary glasses are easy to get scratched, which constitutes a trouble for most eyeglass wearers, because they have to change new glasses between whiles. Therefore, when asked whether they are in want of a pair of durable glasses, their answers must be yes. However, as for the durability of glasses, a few people know much about it. Today we’d like to introduce some information concerning eyeglasses which are rather durable.

Titanium is featured with corrosion resistance, similar to that of platinum, excellent mechanicalness, and lightness, 48% lighter than ordinary metals, etc.. Titanium glasses are thought to be the ones of the best performances among all types of eyeglasses, then it is obvious that they could work longer. However, due to the high cost of titanium, titanium glasses ask for high prices. Common people are hardly able to afford. Therefore, to meet the mass needs, titanium alloy glasses are developed. Although mixed with magnesium or nickel, titanium alloy glasses bear similar features with titanium ones, but the former are a little bit heavier than the latter ones.

Memory metal glasses constitute another kind of durable glasses. The so called memory metal does not indicate that it has an ability to remember anything, but that it has an ability to restore to its original shape after heated to certain centigrade. As a result memory metal glasses are hardly to get broken. Like springs, they could be stretched and zipped many times.

The above two types of durable glasses are relative to the frame materials. As a matter of fact the lens materials play an important role in the durability of eyeglasses. Then what kind of lenses are of good breakage-proof ability?

Most people have a misconception that coated lenses bear a good ability to stand wear and tear, however, the fact is that whether a lens is coated is related to the light transmission. Lenses that are hard coated are thought to be related to their abilities to stand wear and tear. Usually resin lenses can easily get hard coated.

Therefore, with the above knowledge, one would find it more easily when he/she wants to purchase a pair of durable glasses. At last, it is necessary to remind the customers that when choosing titanium glasses, they should pay more attention, for there has emerged a lot of pirated titanium glasses, which not only perform completely different from titanium glasses, but also may bring you extra problems, like getting rust and causing skin allergies.