Wood Glasses – An Innovation in Spectacles Manufacturing

It is common knowledge that plastics, various metals and alloys can be applied in the product of eyeglass frames, however, have you ever heard of glass frames made from wood? The first time when I came to know wood glasses, I was astonished and couldn’t help exclaiming what an innovation! The unexpected combination of natural elements and glass lenses make wood glasses unique and unparalleled.

Firstly, wood glasses rightly cater for the environmental protection concept in modern society. The invention of wood glasses aims at not only reducing possible pollution to our environment in some degree, but also reminding the public the importance of environmental protection at any moment.

Secondly, they are cost effective. Acetate fiber, polyurethane resin and color concentrate are mixed up and then mixture is sprayed on the wood glass frame mould. Then after the grit blasting procedure, the wood glasses would be done. This is a rather simple and handy operation, which could be applied wide spread in eyeglass manufacturing.

Thirdly, owning to the nature materials applied, wood eyeglasses are almost of non-maleficence, and the color is not easy to go faded. Therefore, everyone, especially those who are allergic to plastic glasses or certain metal glasses, is able to wear wood eyeglasses without worrying about any harm to health.

Fourthly, thanks to the wood material applied again, these eyewears are not inclined to go out-of shape. However, right because of this reason, they are easily to get broken off. Therefore, if you are intended to buy wood glasses, bear in mind to take good care of them. Firstly, when taking off the glasses, do make sure you put them into the glass boxes, in case of they falling down; secondly, keep them away from water, which would make the wood get wet.

The Japanese eyeglass brand, KATA, does well in the wood glass production. Glasses of different types, ranging from round glasses to rimless glasses, are provided. The exquisite carve patterns and 100% nature wood make them find favour with celebrities, such as Catherine Zeta Jones, Will Smith, Samuel L Jackson and Michele Yeoh, etc..

Wood glasses is indeed an innovation in eyeglass manufacturing. They would endows us a better living circumstance, give us a healthier and higher quality life, and make man more handsome, women prettier and children cuter.