The Maintenance of Glasses

As we’ve already known a lot about glasses frames, I will tell you something about the maintenance of glasses. The regular maintenance will increase the life span of the glasses, and at the same time it will be able to keep your glasses always clean and useful. It will even endanger the health of your eyes if your glasses are not clean.

We can choose a pair of suitable glasses for ourselves, but the most important thing in our daily life is the maintenance of the glasses. First, I would like to remind you the key points when choosing glasses. Due to the importance of glasses frames, it’s better for us to choose a pair of suitable glasses frame according to our facial forms and the style of glasses frames. Meanwhile, we sometimes even should take the particular functions of the glasses into account, such as fashion, the material and so on. Now I will give some advice to you on maintenance.

First, please wrap up your glasses with your glasses cloth when you are not wearing them. Because the glasses are very brittle, they can be scuffed or even damaged by accident. Second, do not expose the frames to the sunshine or put them in high-temperature environment for long time. It has been proved that the frames tend to fade and deform for long periods of exposure to the sunshine and high-temperature environment. While the temperature is too low, it may cause the embrittlement of the plastic plate frames. Third, the frames must be kept away from the strong corrosive chemicals which may cause the degradation, deterioration and discoloration of the frames. Last, during the using of the glasses we must follow the advices above.

If your glasses become dirty, you can take the lens out of the frames and clean them in soap and water or other neutral detergent. But be careful not to use strong cleaning products or chemical corrosion cleaning, which will generate frame corrosion. Also you can carry your glasses to the eyeglasses store where the optician can do all that for you. provides a great variety of discount glasses with high quality and fashionable designs. What’s more, you can try all glasses on line and all your purchases are promised to free of risk. And now many prescription glasses and sunglasses with latest designs have arrived, so just choose one for your families or friends as gifts, they are sure to be impressed. If any of you have questions, please leave your suggestions in comment section.