General Guidelines For Wearing Glasses

Glasses are very influential in your appearance. Although there is widely available soft-lenses, using the glasses is still an attractive option to enhance your style. Whether is it prescription glasses or fashion glasses, it is necessary to wear glasses that match the shape of your face.

The easiest way to get the right glasses for you is to go directly to the store. You can request assistance from the store owners to choose the right one. You can also try as much as possible the glasses that may be suitable for you. Make sure you buy a pair of glasses that match your daily appearance and you feel comfortable wearing them. You should choose glasses that compliment your facial profile. The following is a brief guide for you to get glasses that are right for you, according to the shape of your face.

1. Oval Face

Having an oval face is a gift for you, because you can use any kind of glasses. This is the ideal face shape for all types of glass.

2. Heart-Shaped Face

Because of the wide forehead, it is advisable for you to find softly curved frame, which is narrower than your forehead.

3. Diamond-Shaped Face

The best types for you is a rounded frame. Because the widest part of your face is probably your cheek, so select the frame that must be as wide as your cheek.

4. Rounded Face

You have to find a little bit square frames that will adds angles to your rounded face shape

5. Long Face

Choose the glass that has fairly big lenses. Find the frames that have the same width of your face. Do not use a frame that wider than your face.

6. Square Face

It is good to soften the angles of your face, so choose a rounded frame.

This is just a simple guide to choosing eyeglasses. If you find a good pair of glasses that may be appropriate, though not in accordance with the above guidelines, and if you are sure, then buy these glasses.

If you find a pair of glasses that suit for you, do not rush to buy it. Try a few moments with other glasses that have a little difference, both in shape, color or accessories. Although they have small differences, you probably will perform better with one type of these glasses than the other.