Better Eyesight Without Glasses – Eye Exercises to Improve Your Eyesight This Weekend

Your eyesight is probably your most important sensory capability. Living without a perfect eyesight can make your life quite difficult. Unfortunately, a statistical study by the University of Zurich shows that % 42 of the people in the world are in need of corrective eye treatment such as glasses, lenses or eve surgery in order to see clearly. In addition, %74 of the people over the age of 60, usually require some form of visual aid. Although, it is quite possible to improve your vision by getting visual aids such as glasses or lenses, even these have adverse effects on your eyes.

As your ocular muscles are forced to correspond to new angular positions with the corrective help of glasses or lenses, these same ocular muscles will slowly lose their ability to retain their original positions. Thus, your eye will become weary and more importantly, your eyesight will deteriorate instead of improving. It is no wonder that many people who use glasses usually end up changing their lens numbers almost every two years. However, the good news is that you can have a better eyesight without glasses.

In order to have a better eyesight without glasses, you will need to do some exercises to improve your vision. The simple analogy to understanding this would be by understanding that normal exercise helps to improve your body muscles. Just the same, doing some eye exercises will also help to improve your vision, so that you can have a better eyesight without glasses. In addition, these exercises to improve your vision are quite simple and they can be performed by anyone who may be young or old.

One of the most prominent exercises for a better eyesight without glasses is to close your eyes in a dark room and visualize total blackness. This is important, since your eyes are under constant assault from light and electromagnetic radiation in the visual range of the spectrum. Thus, from time to time, your eyes will need to focus on blackness in order to relax your retina and eye muscles. As a second exercise to have a better eyesight without glasses, you may want to think about hanging a large and colorful picture on the wall. This can help your eyes to focus on a large image, as research has shown that this helps to strengthen the ocular muscles. Don’t forget that a better vision is possible even without glasses, but you will need to do these vision exercises frequently and diligently.