Choosing Cheap Glasses That Suit You

When looking for the right pair of glasses, there is always one major factor you should look for; how well they suit your face. When looking for the correct pair of glasses, most people will try every pair possible in order to see which pair suits them most but what if you could narrow down the search before you even step foot inside the Opticians? Now you can easily, first determine the shape of your face and then your colouring, it’s a lot easier then to find the right shape and colour of frame that will suit you. And if you follow the following three steps it should make the choice easier for you. The frame shape should contrast with the shape of your face and the frame size should be in scale with your face size and should repeat your best feature( such as dark frame with dark hair).There are 7 basic face shapes and if you can find out what shape you are, this should make choosing glasses that look good easier.

One of the following shapes should fit you, round, diamond, oblong, oval, triangle, upside down triangle and square. Also your optician can be very helpful when choosing the glasses for you

Face and Frames.

As we covered above, there are seven basic face shapes and you should always bear in mind what your shape is to determine which frames will suit you. Make sure you determine which face shape you are and that you choose the right size frame to suit you and the right shape. Try to follow these guide, a round face has curved lines and the width and length are in proportions with no angles. To choose the right glasses for a round face, you should try angular narrow glasses to lengthen the shape of your face and look for glasses that have a wider structure like rectangular shape frames. The oval face is thought to be the perfect face shape due to the equal proportions. To keep the balance, look for frames that are as wide as the broadest part of the face. Triangle shape faces are narrow at the forehead and widen around the chin, to balance out the top and bottom of the face choose a frame that is wider in shape. An upside down triangle is wider at the top than the bottom, to deal with this choose a lighter frame or even a rimless frame as this will draw attention to the top of your face.

A square face has a strong jaw line as well as a broad forehead, while the width and the length are in proportion. To make the face seem longer, try narrow frames that have more width than depth. The diamond face shape are narrow at the jaw and eye line, while the cheek bones are wider, tough this is the rarest face shape, you can still find frames to suit. A frame that have detailed brow-line or even rimless and maybe even cat eye shaped will suit very well with this face shape. The oblong shape face is longer than it is wide, and has a long cheek line. To make the face appear shorter and more balanced a frame that top to bottom depth is best to add depth to the face.

Of course the colour of your skin, hair and eyes can also affect your decision.Skin tone is often a primary factor in choosing the right frame colour. All tones fall into two different colour bases blue which is cool or yellow which is warm. A cool complexion has blue or pink hues while a warm complexion has a yellow or peaches and cream colour. Eye colour is usually a secondary reason when choosing your glasses because of the wide range in eye colours. With blue eyes for example, they can range from violet right through to pale blue in colour.

Brown eyes can range from a light shade which is cool all the way to almost black that is warm in colour. Hair colour should also be considered either cool or warm. Strawberry blond, gray, white and light brown are cool colours. While golden blond, flat black brown and red hair are warmer colours. Once you determine whether you are warm or cool in colour you will be able to find the right frame to suit your needs. For cool colouring go for frames that are black, dark brown even plum or magenta also a dark turquoise would work really well. For warm colouring go for frames in these colours, gold, red, copper warm blue or even bright red.

Finally when it comes to choosing the right frames, at the end of the day you must feel totally happy and confident in your chosen glasses. As you will be wearing them every day to make sure that you eyesight stays the same in the future. Also your glasses can be a fashion or personality statement so enjoy wearing them. is a cheap glasses supplier UK based, and carry a large range of cheap prescription glasses prices starting at £10 with a large range of designer glasses and designer sunglasses.