Various Kinds of Glasses to Satisfy People’s Different Demands

With the rapid development of glass technology and efforts of inventors, people’s tastes and demands on eyewear have increasing. Nowadays, people have not been satisfied with the eyeglass which can only correct their poor vision any longer. Of course, eyewear manufacturers can not miss this valuable opportunity to make more benefits, as a result, various kinds of eyeglasses with different functions are produced. The following will some introduction on these eyeglasses and their different functions.

The first eyeglass group I want to introduce here is corrective glass. It is the original function that glasses have and therefore, this kind of glass is the most commonly used one. From the literal meaning, we can see it is mainly used for correct people’s poor vision, such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. With bifocal glasses, people do not need to swap glasses when they see far and near objects. Compared with bifocal lenses, progressive lenses can adjust vision smoother and more comfortable. And reading glasses can help old people to see clearly without holding objects at their arm’s length.

Sunglasses are also one of the most commonly used glasses that can prevent people from harmful sun rays by tinted lenses. Nowadays, there are a wide variety of sunglasses available on the market so that people can choose different colors and styles they like. In some sense, sunglasses do not only can give people some protection, but also can add to people’s appearance and make people look cool. For people who often take some sports outdoor or need to work under sunshine for long time, it is critical to wear sunglasses. Besides, for some sports players, such as golfers, tennis players or shooters, sunglasses are also necessary that sunglasses can help them to distinguish the ball or targets faster and more clearly.

Another commonly used glass group is safety glass. As we know, for people who work in machine factories, construction sites or labs, wearing safety glasses is a must, or else, it is highly possible to harm themselves from flying objects, chemicals or sparks. Safety glasses are made of shatter resistant material which can offer sufficient protection for wearer’s eyes. Maybe people do not know that safety glasses can also cure some eyesight problems. For swimmers, they are required to wear swimming goggles to prevent the chlorinated water out of swimmers’ eyes. What’s more, professional swimmers can also choose to wear swimming goggles which can correct their vision problems so as to help them see clearly underwater.