Change Your Glasses – Change You

In today’s society many people allow their opinion of themselves to be effected by what other people think of them. Meaning if other people think you are fun and exciting, your self-image improves, but if people feel you are old fashion and boring then your self esteem will plummet.

The glasses you wear out of the house help tell people who you are or more accurate the glasses help you tell people who you want them to think that you are. There are many different styles of glasses out there and each one of them says something from, I will come home every day after work and I am very dependable, to watch out I am trouble and everything in between.

Today having one pair of glasses are not enough. You need to be able to match your glasses to your look, and the prescription glasses you wear to work are not going to be the ones you wear when you go to the club.

But it’s not about just having one pair for the office and one for fun or having different colors to go with different clothes. It is about having people act differently to you depending on the situation. Let’s say you are going into a meeting with clients and you are trying to get them to invest in your business. Then you are going to want to display confidence, intelligence, and give an air of success the proper pair of glasses will help you to radiate the impression that you are all of these things and one people react to you as you are these things you will become these things.

You may not believe this but it is a proven fact in the world of psychiatry that making the slightest change in our appearance can change the way people view us and through this the way we view ourselves. And there is no simpler way to change your appearance than with a new pair of eye glasses.

Many people think that it may be too expensive to buy several different pairs of prescription glasses, but today you can go online and find discount eyeglasses at as much as 70% off, making it much more affordable to own many different pairs of eyeglasses in several styles and colors. This is really no different than clothes. Do you own just one pair of shoes? I’ll bet you own many different pairs of shoes in different styles and colors. This is so you have a selection of shoes for different occasions, glasses are no different.

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