Better Eyesight Without Glasses – The Truth About Glasses and Contact Lenses

If you want to improve your eyesight and get your sharp vision back, then you should get started with your glasses or contact lenses. To get rid of the glasses, we should know them better in terms of their functions and the prescription.

What do glasses or contact lenses do to our eyes?

Wearing glasses will not fix our vision problems. They can only consolidate what our eyes have become due to the strains that we have suffered. Glasses are a way of keeping our eyes from working correctly. In other words, our eyes are doomed the moment we put the glasses on.

It is impossible to get the perfect prescription glasses.

Our eyes always change. Their current state is determined by many current factors such as weather, mood and so forth. We see better on sunny days than cloudy or rainy days. Therefore, if we go to see an optician in a negative mood when the weather is bad, then we might end up buying a pair of glasses that will make it uncomfortable to wear them in good mood on sunny days.

Glasses are expensive.

In order to make things perfect, we will have to constantly change our glasses we wear almost everyday, if not every moment. That would be impossible. Even if the optician or doctor can give us such a prescription, it would be impossible for us to afford it.

As we can see, glasses are not the ultimate solution to our vision problems. They teach our eyes to form bad habits and become dependent on them. They strengthen the strain on our eyes instead of releasing it. In order to get our perfect vision back, we will have to get rid of the glasses first.