Better Eyesight Without Glasses – Is it Possible?

Is it possible to get better eyesight without glasses? How can we do it? Or is it impossible?

The answers to those questions should come from experts, practitioners or ophthalmologists, because they all should know inside and out about how the eyes work and the real mechanism behind it. But for most of us, it is still hard to find proper and satisfying answer. When we have problems with our vision such as myopia or presbyopia, the solution in any places are almost identical, we have to wear glasses or contact lenses/soft lenses. That is the fact we are all facing nowadays. Just look around us, and we can find everywhere, more and more people wearing glasses. Every time, the number of people wearing glasses are increases significantly.

Are those people decided to wore glasses without consulting the professionals? For most of them, they did consult the professionals, but the outcome are almost similar, they must wear glasses or surgery.

Wearing glasses indeed can help us to gain better vision, but in reality it does not help our eyes to regain its normal capability, it only helps gain vision as long as we wear the glasses, therefore we become more and more dependent and rely on glasses.

And all of us can witness that once people start to wear glasses, generally they will rely on their glasses for the rest of their life, and along the time they will rely more on their glasses.

These are all the facts that most of us can easily see on our everyday life.

The other solution is surgery, we know that surgery is expensive, no guarantee and risky.

Our modern world can only offer those 2 solutions? Are there any other options on how to improve your eyesight naturally? Can we maintain conditions of our eyes and improve our eyes conditions through some eye exercises? Just as we do with other parts of our body? Can we do something to have natural eyesight improvement and get better eyesight without glasses? What kind of eyesight exercise is available to us?

Actually, the proven exercises and methods that can help us improve our eyesight naturally is available. Ophthalmologists have been working on this subjects since many yeas ago. By early of 19th century, Dr. William H. Bates had developed his methods and it helped many people to get their normal eyesight back.

The Bates method is based on unique eye exercises combine with relaxation technique. Even though these exercise are easy to do, but this is not an instant solution, you have to practice regularly to get real result.

The practice session does not take too much time, only about 15 minutes per day, but if you practice with discipline, you can get better eyesight without glasses in relatively short period of time.