Live Well Without Glasses

Living well without glasses is a dream for everyone who wears glasses to correct their eyesight problem. Since invented many years ago, glasses have become the most worn device by the people who have eyesight or vision problem, so they can see as clearly as normal people. Besides, glasses industries also offer a lot of models and types to support your daily activities, so you do not have to be shy when you wear your glasses, because a glasses now is not only for correcting eyesight problem, but also for style equipment.

There are some eyesight problems which can be corrected by glasses, they are myopia, hyperopia, and presbyopia. Myopia is the disability to see clearly the object located far from you. Usually it goes blurry, and you can only see the general shape of it. You also can not read some small letters when they are put about 30 centimetres or further. To correct this, people usually wear what is called minus glasses with concave lenses.

The next problem is hyperopia, where you can see clearly the object located far, but you only see a blurry view on the near. Plus glasses is the solution to correct this problem, because plus glasses is made from convex lenses. The next eyesight problem is presbyopia. Usually presbyopia is suffered by the aged people, about 40 years old or above. In this case, they start losing the focus when seeing something close after the far object. To correct this problem, usually they wear a glasses that consists of two different kind of lenses each side, the left and the right eye.

There are several ways to make you live well without glasses. One of them is to do a simple exercise which was created by Dr. William H. Bates in 1880. This exercise is simple and relaxing, so hopefully you can do this easily and make a change to correct your eyesight problem.