Night Driving Glasses – A Pair of Night Driving Glasses is Important to Drivers That Wear Glasses

Driving in the night requires special skills as human beings by nature are not nocturnal creatures. It requires additional concentration and is strenuous on eyes apart from developing driver’s fatigue due to inadequate lighting on the roads. This is further aggravated by blinding lights from the high beams of vehicles plying on the opposite direction. A carefully selected pair of night driving glasses helps to safeguard drivers from the above effects to a great extent.

For most people, driving in the night is more demanding than driving in day light hours. To compound the problem, the glaring lights from opposing vehicles may blind the driver. Night driving glasses therefore invariably include anti-reflective coating that are durable and scratch free. They may also be slightly tinted to block the scattering of light.

However, there is a school of thought who believes that the popular conviction over the tinted night driving glasses may actually be misleading and inaccurate. These glasses may actually be reducing vision by restricting the amount of light from reaching the eyes and thereby the brain.

It has been proven that there are four times more accidents on highways at night than during the day. Though, part of the reason may be due to tiring drivers, but many are due to impaired vision during the dark hours. Lower levels of illumination results in dilution of pupils for better vision and therefore any opposing light can cause temporary blurring of images. Night driving glasses are basically polarized lenses which help in reducing the holes and almost completely eliminate reflections.

Though, there is a wide ranging debate whether night driving glasses should be tinted yellow as well for better visibility at night, the inference may be to get hold of a reputed pair of night driving glasses whenever we decide to do a cross country for an effortless driving after sunset.