Choosing Glasses For Your Face Shape

You cannot be too careful in choosing glasses for your face shape. Your bespectacled appearance will be a reflection of your personality which could be a crucial element in landing an ideal job or a desired mate. Choosing the right eyeglass frame, therefore, should be taken with utmost care. An optician’s opinion would be most helpful for sure, but some prior research is as beneficial. There are also other factors to consider in looking for eyeglasses such the color of your skin as well as the color of your eyes. Going for the shapes that are in fashion may not always be the right choice.

The internet will be an advantageous resource in determining the glasses just right for you. You can access many web portals specializing on eyewear and those sites maintained by professional opticians or their associations. Comparison of the information that you will be able to obtain by browsing through these sites should be a sound basis for the size and shape of the eyeglass frame suited to the shape of your face, and skin and eye color.

Here are some basic steps on determining the type of eyewear you should look for. The initial consideration in choosing glasses would be the shape of your face. This would seem an easy step, as just by looking at the mirror will at once give a glimpse of whether the face of a person is shaped like a base-up/base-down triangle or is rounded, oblong, oval, square or diamond. These are the basic shapes of the face, according to some authorities in eyewear. But it should be borne in mind also that the face may be a combination of these types of shapes. Hence, the opinion of an expert on eyewear would be desirable. An eyewear professional will generally advice that the shape of the face should be in scale but at the same time in contrast with the eyeglass frame’s shape. This is a tricky choice to make, to say the least.

But just to cite some examples, if you have an oval face, the likely shape of the eyewear an optician would recommend would be wide and should balance with your face’s broadest portion. For round faces, the likely eyeglasses to be suggested are those with length and width proportionate with the shape of the face. Oblong faces would call for frames that would add width to the overall appearance. Base-up triangle faces need contrasting frames with wider bottoms and lighter materials and colors; rimless eyeglasses are also ideal for this particular shape of faces. In contrast, base-down triangle faces require frames with heavy color accents and decorative details particularly on their top half. Some frame detailing would also be ideal for faces in diamond shape for softened cheekbone appearance and highlighting the eyes. A strong square jaw calls for frames that are narrow as a counterpoint to the face’s angles.

These considerations alone sound complicated in choosing glasses; more so in matching eyeglass frames with color of the skin and color of the eyes, not to mention hair. Consulting with a professional optician will make everything convenient and simple.