Farsightedness – Best Eye Exercises to See More Clearly Without Glasses

What would you do if you find small prints begin to get blurry? At this point you would have to admit that you are experiencing farsightedness. Yet you may feel reluctant to take up wearing reading glasses, as you would want to stave off for as long as you can people realizing that you are not young anymore. Now there is no need for this fear, because there are exercises to help you to cure farsightedness.

Follow these simple yet effective eye exercises that may help you to see better and make reading glasses unnecessary.

1. Try to read small print each day as close as you can, to keep your eyes trained to see from a short distance. Again, don’t strain your eyes.

2. Palming: Relax and rest your eyes frequently by doing palming exercise. First, find a good position, relax and breath deeply. Gently cover your closed eyes with your cupped hands. Avoid touching your eye lids. Do palming everyday for 10 minutes or more, to strengthen your eyes.

3. Blinking: When prints are getting unclear, blink gently to refresh your eyes. Blinking helps your eyes get moist, thus allowing them to focus more accurately.

4. Shifting Focus: Without stressing your eyes, change focus many times to keep the eye muscles flexible and strong. When you are reading or sewing, look at something at least 20 feet away every five to ten minutes. Your eye muscles need variety because they tend to get fatigued when they are forced to see over at a given distance constantly. To help correcting farsightedness effectively, you need to refocus your eyesight often. Refocusing will help strengthen your eye muscles.

Reading glasses replace the work of your eye muscles. By wearing them, your muscles will become ‘lazy’ and difficult to focus. Glasses and contact lenses bend light differently into your eyes, which corrects farsightedness on a superficial level – but it does nothing to give you better vision naturally.

If you follow these activities and stick to a short daily routine, you will have an excellent chance of having new vision skills. After this point, you will have to take other exercises for farsightedness so that you may have perfect 20/20 vision permanently and enjoy a more carefree life without reading glasses.