Colored Contact Lenses with No Prescription

Colored contact lenses create dramatic eye color changes to light or dark eyes for a new attractive and natural look. The colored lenses for visual correction must be fixed to your eye by an ophthalmologist or optometrist. There are also colored contacts without visual correction. Examples are various cosmetic contact lenses that are designed only for cosmetic uses.

Cosmetic lenses change your eye color to match your mood or an outfit. Lots of people buy these lenses as they are safe, affordable and easy to use. They are also fun to wear and can add a little pleasure to your life. Most cosmetic lenses are clinically verified to be safe.

One can buy colored contact lenses with no prescription in many styles and colors, ranging from blue, honey, amethyst, green, gray, brown, turquoise, and sapphire to pure hazel. Usually, they are disposable and designed to throw away after a fixed time (45 or 180 days). These lenses are meant for professional or recreational purposes.

Buying correct fitting lenses is important for your own comfort. A loose fitting lens that floats away from the eye results in scratching of the cornea. When buying colored contacts with no prescription, you are advised to consult an eye specialist first. This step ensures that your eyes are healthy before you buy lenses with no prescription.

Most dealers will not sell colored contact lenses with out prescription, even if you have right vision. But a few websites allow you to buy these lenses with no prescription, since they are considered cosmetic contact lenses by some manufacturers. However, you need to be cautious while selecting the colored contact lenses that require no prescription as there could be a possible risk of developing eye injury.

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