Daily Wear Contact Lenses – Safe And Convenient Disposable Contact Lens

Daily wear contact lenses are designed to be worn during waking hours, which means you need to remove them at night for cleaning, disinfecting and storing. If you are interested in wearing these disposable contact lenses, then you need to be sure that you find out all you can about them before you actually try them out.

Since these contact lenses are very safe and easy to care for, they are becoming more and more popular with many people. You can wear them and then you can just throw them away instead of having to clean them and store them. Many people are enjoying their lives with these new contact lenses, but if you aren’t sure that they are for you, keep reading to find out more about them.

Various Types of Daily Wear Contacts

Daily wear contacts are available in various replacement schedules. First of all there are daily disposable lenses that you can throw away every single day. You don’t have to ever save these lenses, which can be easy for some people. Another type of disposable contact lens is the ones that you can just throw away after wearing them for a week. You still have to worry about storing them, but you use a new pair each week. The last style of these innovative contact lenses are the ones that you can wear for an entire month or longer before you throw them away.

Disadvantages of Daily Wear Contact Lenses

There are several different disadvantages to wearing these daily wear lenses. One disadvantage is that they tend to rip quite easily. If your contact rips, you should never put them back in your eye, since this can damage your eye. Also, you will find that these lenses are a bit more expensive than lenses that will last for a long time. Some people find the price prohibitive, while others are willing to spend the money for the convenience. Another disadvantage is that if you don’t dispose them on time, they can start to cause problems for your eyes.

Advantages of Daily Wear Lenses

There are also a variety of advantages to wearing this type of contact lenses as well. First of all they are great for your eyes. The let more oxygen get to your eyes, which makes your eyes feel better while you are wearing them. Also, these types of contacts are made out of materials that are lighter, so they are more comfortable for your eyes and they won’t cause irritation either. There are also a variety of colors available too, so you can get a great color for your eyes and enhance your look.

Although there are both disadvantages and advantages to daily wear contact lenses, most people find that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Many people find them comfortable and convenient, which is why so many people have decided to choose these types of contacts for daily wear.