Discount Contact Lenses – Reasons To Buy Discounted Contact Lens

Rather than buying contact lenses at the optometrist’s office, many people are now choosing to purchase discount contact lenses. Discounted contact lenses are generally available online or by telephone, although some retailers also offer the option to order by mail. By knowing how to purchase contact lenses online, it is possible to save a great deal of time and money on each contact lens purchase.

Before buying contact lenses online, you must have a contact lens prescription. First-time buyers often assume their contact lens prescription and eyeglasses prescription are the same; however, the contact lens prescription includes numbers that help determine the size and shape of the contact lens, and those numbers are not used with eyeglasses. If you have not had a contact lens eye exam, that is the first step toward purchasing contact lenses. You will need to fill in your prescription information on the online order forms in order to purchase contact lenses.

Once you have a contact lens prescription, it is always wise to shop around by looking at more than one discounted contact lens supplier. Typically, all suppliers are much cheaper than the doctor’s office, but some are cheaper than others. Be sure to look at compliments or complaints regarding service and products, as well as shipping costs and sales tax. In general, online contact lens suppliers provide excellent service, incredible prices, and rapid order processing so you get your lenses fast.

It is actually a simple process to order contact lenses online. First, you need to select a contact lens supplier and go to their website. You can usually find a quick link to your brand of contacts, and then you select the style you want. You will be asked to fill in your prescription information, which means filling in the numbers exactly as they are written on your prescription. Many suppliers will also ask for the name of the prescribing doctor in case they have questions or need to double-check the prescription. Finally, fill in the shipping and billing information.

Because it only takes a few minutes to order contact lenses online, and they are shipped directly to you, you are not required to make the trip to the optometrist’s office in order to pick up your contact lenses. In addition, you save money by buying at a significantly lower price than what is available through your doctor. You are also spared the fuel expense that comes with driving all over town in order to get your contact lenses.

With online ordering, you are not restricted only to the brands, styles or colors available from your optometrist. You are able to buy safely, but cheaply, and you can order when you need the contact lenses, not just when your optometrist’s office is open. As a result, discount contact lenses are an excellent way to save time and money on your contact lens purchases.