Colored Toric Contact Lenses – Wearing Color Toric Contacts To Enhance Your Look

If you have astigmatism but still would like to change your eye color, colored toric contact lenses are a great option. At one point, only clear toric contact lenses were available. It is only in recent years that special colored lenses were created for those with astigmatism in one or both eyes.

In short, astigmatism is caused by the irregular shape of the cornea or the lens that is behind the cornea. Those who have astigmatism can’t see clearly with regular lenses, so toric lenses are prescribed to help patients see as clear as possible. Thanks to modern technology, you can get colored contacts even if you have astigmatism. What can be better than seeing clearly while fashionably changing your eye color?

You can get toric colored lenses in blue, green, brown, gray, violet, and shades that are in between. There are many other colors and styles available, including designs like cat eyes and half moons. These days, you can get colored contacts that better blend with your natural eye color through a high-tech, three-color combination.

Like any regular colored contact lens, colored toric contact lenses come in several types. The first types to surface on the market were long-term lenses that are kept for up to one year. This type of lens must be removed daily, then cleaned and stored before they are reworn.

But the most popular color toric contacts is the extended wear which can be worn for up to seven days before they are thrown out. Although it is recommended that you take them off and clean them before sleep, you do not have to take them out at all for a whole week. These extended wear contact lenses can be worn for up to two weeks if you take them out and clean and store them before wearing again.

Before you can buy color toric contact lenses, you have to go see an eye doctor to get fitted. Your eye doctor will measure your eyes and ensure you get the best fit for the shape of your eye. He or she will also update and make changes to your prescription. You can then order lenses from the eye doctor or at contact lens websites.

You can change the color of your hair and lip. Why not change the color of your eyes? Don’t let astigmatism stand in the way. With colored toric contact lenses, you can have both clear vision and any eye color under the sun.