Contact Lenses Relief From The Hassle Of Eyeglasses

Contact lenses provide you with great relief from those monster eyeglasses that had hidden your eyes for so long. Contact lenses, are miraculous substitutes for the discomfort of heavy glasses.They also improve vision, and help you see much better than typical eyeglasses. A pair of those transparent or colored contact lenses not only gives you a completely different look, but provides better, more consistent vision.

Advantages of contact lenses over eyeglasses

Contact lenses are advantageous over eyeglasses because contact lenses can correct nearsightedness [myopia], farsightedness [hypermetropia] and astigmatism, which glasses often fail to correct. Contact lenses safely provide ease and comfort to people who specially fear the risks of laser surgery.

Contact lenses are of great use to students and people, for:

-It provides absolute natural vision, providing they are worn and fitted correctly.

-They serve drivers, performers, athletes and people who lead an active life style very well.

Types of contact lenses

Contact lenses can be found in different colors, which enhance the beauty of your eyes when they are worn. You should decide on what type of contact lenses you need only after proper consultation with the opticians.

Following are the types of contact lenses that one can wear at any time:

· Soft lenses – these are really comfortable lenses that are very soft and flexible. They require daily intense cleaning and can be worn for full 24 hours. Types of soft lenses include:

-Daily-wear lenses

-Extended wear lenses

-Disposable lenses
Hard lenses – these lenses provide much sharper vision than soft lenses. But they can be worn for just a few hours and should be handled with intense care. Types of hard lenses include:

-Rigid gas permeable [RGP] lenses

-Conventional, hard [Polymethyl Methacrylate or PMMA] lenses

Cleaning tips for your contact lenses

You must clean, disinfect and rinse your lenses regularly to avoid eye allergies, eye infections, eyesores and eye inflammations.

Here are some cleaning tips for your contact lenses:

-Never use tap water, homemade saline water or saliva to cleanse your lenses. Use the contact lenses cleaning solutions only.

-To prevent accumulation of dirt wash your contact lenses regularly with special soluble tablets for cleaning lenses.

Contact lenses give you real ease and comfort, especially from those heavy glasses weighing on your nose. Moreover, they enhance the beauty of your eyes; so wear contact lenses to experience the best of this world.