How Can You Adjust Your Eyeglasses?

Some people are in a position where they need to wear glasses every single day, for several hours a day. This alone can be uncomfortable, what if those glasses were even slightly out of kilter in some fashion? Imagine the pain and discomfort that would come with wearing a pair of glasses that weren’t sitting properly on your face for up to eighteen hours on some days – it would be downright unbearable.

If this were you, after a long day of discomfort, you might very well be tempted to try and adjust your prescription glasses on your own to see if you could get them back into the position in which they belong, back into a position where you can see comfortably again.

What Causes the Need for Adjustment?

Any number of things can get your prescription glasses out of whack – people leave their glasses on a chair or in their pocket and then sit on them; they could be dropped or slip of the top of your head and get bent from bouncing on the floor or they may just get loose and a bit misshapen from average day to day wear and tear.

Before attempting to make any adjustments to your glasses, you need to be aware that you’ll have to be exceedingly careful as many frames are delicate and any excessive forced could cause more damage than was their before the repair was attempted, leaving you with an un-wearable pair of glasses.

What kind of Adjustments can you make?

Depending on what the exact problem with your glasses is, you may very well be able to repair o adjust them on your own. There are eyeglass repair kits available from drug stores and pharmacies that will assist in remedying any problems that stem from loose screws. The repair kits often come with small screwdrivers, replacement screws and other assorted repair parts and are available for a very modest investment.

If your problem isn’t associated with loose screws, you still may be able to make some minor adjustments but it does get a bit more difficult when it’s a problem with the actual frame.

If there are very minor problems, like a slight pinching on your nose from the pads being too tight; if they look just slightly tilted upon inspection in the mirror or if one arm is digging uncomfortably at the area behind your ear – you may be able to do something about it.

In the event of one of the problems above, you and lay your glasses flat on a soft surface and then apply slight but even pressure against the area or areas that are out of whack. While you’re attempting these minor adjustments it’s important that you don’t apply the pressure by way of the lens, as any undue pressure on the lens could cause scratches or other damage that can’t be repaired. Always be sure that you apply any pressure evenly – any rough jerking movements could bend the frame past where you want it and do more harm than good. Remember that your glasses are fragile – they weren’t made to handle the stress of being bent back and forth.

If you don’t feel comfortable attempting the repair, or if the repair that you need made seems more than very minor it’s a good idea to simply take the frames to the optician’s office to have them looked at and repaired professionally. An optician will have access to equipment that you will not and they will be experienced and well versed in the art of eyeglass repair. Always remember how important your glasses are to you before attempting any type of repair or adjustment – if there is any uncertainty at all that you can make the repair without doing any damage, take your glasses to a professional for adjustment.

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