Put On Your Eyeglasses, Everybody’s Watching!

A lament, please, for the days of making excuses for wearing prescription glasses.

The time of “…just let me get my glasses a second” is finished.

Rarely anymore do you hear: “Oh, they’re only for reading.”

And definitely wave goodbye to: “I hate my contacts, but I hate my eyeglasses even more!”

Mankind discovers fire around 2 million years B.C.. Mankind discovers cooking 500,000 years B.C.. Ben Franklin wore the same basic bifocals that were available to us until the 1980’s. While the dates are somewhat off, the point is that we have made stronger technological leaps in the last 20 years than we have all the years prior, and the eyewear customer has benefitted handsomely.

It’s not hard to understand why people were reluctant about their glasses at one time. If you’ve seen any of the eyewear styles and trends that weighed down the 80’s and all the years prior, you’ll feel their pain. There were only three or fewer dominant styles, and they were both HUGE. Having a choice was barely relevant and utility superseded personal fashion.

In the 90’s, technology began its ascent. Transition lenses, which allow one to move directly from prescription eyeglasses to prescription sunglasses without touching the glasses, were a major breakthrough. Progressive lens technology became much more sophisticated in the 90’s as scientists ushered in new ideas and techniques as they eliminated technical aberrations. And there are more styles, colors, and price points now available than ever before.

Technology and fashion have officially been merged, ladies and gentlemen. With their optical needs met, customers are now able to focus on style, fit, color, and trend as never before. This has transformed the chore of shopping for eyeglasses into an exciting exploration in personal fashion. GONE are the days when you had to force yourself to shop for lenses!

Any optician or eye care professional worth his or her salt will make it clear to you that you are essentially choosing your “new face” when you shop for eyewear. Your face is always the first thing that people see. Any adornments on your person are secondary, but your eyewear will be first on that list. How will people see you?

Opticians are specifically trained to take many factors into consideration when fitting you for your new eyewear. The shape of your face, color needs, trends, lifestyle, and fit are all accounted for when they help you make your decision. In the end, what you have is a custom fitted eyepiece that conforms to the contours of your face with a prescription fabricated with state-of-the-art applied science. And you thought you just had glasses!

It’s a great era to be proud of the eyeglasses you wear. It’s less about hiding glaring imperfections about your eyesight more than it is about the way you express your creativity, your sense of fashion, and how you stand out in the crowd. With technology having arrived in this new golden age, you can not only expect to wear your eyeglasses with your head held high, you can expect more innovations in the future!

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