Contact Lenses Versus Glasses

Contact lenses are not an alternative to glasses. Each of them serves a different purpose from a different functionality point of view like offering beauty or comfort or value for money etc. Hence comparing these two is like comparing an apple with an orange.

For cosmetic reasons, contacts are the solution. You can buy them in different colours to suit the different dresses you may wear. It will enhance the beauty of your eyes. In the entertainment industry, it is extensively used to depict different characters like a witch, angel, etc!

To correct your eye vision either of them can serve the purpose. However, if you are a person who would not like to use any foreign matter to your eyes, glasses are the obvious choice.

If you suffer from short sight during your teenage years, you need to undergo a continuous ophthalmic test, say once in six months for an year or two till it reaches a point when frequent checks will not be necessary. In such a situation, the best option is to go in for contact lenses during the initial period. If you go in for glasses, you will have to keep changing frequently and it will be expensive.

Glasses enhance the beauty or handsomeness of your face. Depending upon the shape of your face, you can select appropriate spectacles. You can browse internet to find out plenty of suggestions. Contacts can not be a substitute in this case. The material used in the frame of glasses – metal or plastic – may cause skin allergy to some people. Contacts offer solutions to this problem.

Some treatments may require administering drugs to the eyes to improve the vision. Here contact lenses come in handy and glasses cannot do this function. Many of you may have to work for long hours in you job. You will continuously work with the computers. After some hectic days, contacts will not be comfortable and you will have to resort to glasses only. You will have to keep both to complement each other.

If you have a vision problem and at the same time you want to wear sun glasses for reasons of beauty, you have three choices. You can buy power sun glasses in addition to the power glasses or you can go in for contacts and wear plain sun glasses or you can go in for glasses which will automatically function as a sun glass during the day time when exposed to the sun and in other times it will just function as a normal power glass.

If you are a sports person, your first preference will be for contacts and not glasses.

Since contact lenses and glasses are sometimes complementary and sometimes mutually exclusive, you will end up keeping both! So where is the choice?